Video Wall Displays

Ultra narrow bezel displays for a seamless viewing experience

Ultra-Narrow Bezel

High Resolution

Wide Viewing Angles

Video walls make a statement. They are impressive and take the surrounding area to the next level. Video walls consist of a number of separate displays joined together to form one large image. However, regular displays won’t suffice as the base of a high quality video wall. This is where BOE’s ultra narrow bezel displays come in.


ADSDS technology
Intelligent temperature control technology
High temperature detection alarm
Intelligent regional amplification
Dynamic backlight adjustment, adoptive to ambient light
Automatic elimination of image retention – anti burning
3D filter and digital de-noising technology
Fog penetration technology – display image more clearly


BOE’s video walls are suitable for a great number of applications. Their impressive quality makes a big impact on visitors, guests and employees in different environments.

They are often used for marketing, entertainment or information purposes. Below are a few examples of possible applications for our video walls.

Conference rooms
Exhibition halls
Supervision centers
Command and control centers

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