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BOE Technology UK Ltd are proud to announce our latest product set designed to help our clients create more flexible display solutions.

Available in 2 main formats: “Open Style” and “Open Frame”, the open products allow you to take a BOE manufactured display solution and instantly fit within your design application without the need for additional power or driving solutions.

Open Style

Open style creates versatile installation options in portrait or landscape with improved heat management and super wide viewing angles. Available across 32”, 43”, 49” and 55” sizes in either a monitor option or Android on board option. Mounting inside a designed housing solution to create your finished display application.

Includes: LCD Module / Chassis / Main Board / Power Board / Cables / Electronics Enclosure

Open Frame

Open frame again has the versatile orientation with incredible viewing angles, and is available across 21.5”, 23.8”, 27”, 32”, 43”, 49” and 55”. These can be applied with either monitor or Android on board solutions and have capacitive touch solutions available upon request.

Also available in our Open Frame platform are our innovative square display solutions for 22” and 33.2”.

The Open Frame design allows you to surface/flush mount the display fitting seamlessly into any environment.

Includes: LCD Module / Chassis / Main Board / Power Board / Cables / Electronics Enclosure / Rear Module Cover / Edge Mounting Brackets

We have designed these product sets to ensure a wider application of BOE display technologies.  Our intention is to increase the availability across multiple marketplaces in the world of display technology solutions.

Please contact BOE Technology UK Ltd to discuss how we can support your business applications with these new designs as well as our ongoing growth portfolio of LCD display technology.

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