Digital Signage

Real-time multimedia publishing


True colors

Versatile use

An ultra slim body, metal base and aluminum alloy frame. BOE’s digital signage solutions are simple and clean. They feature high quality functions like multicast and video-on-demand. Any position on the display can be selected and freely displayed in any format.

The image quality of BOE’s digital signage displays is fantastic. Colors are bright and images high in contrast and vivid. The flexibility of these displays allows them to be used in digital signage solution in different environments. The smart dimming function makes sure the display is automatically adjusted based on the ambient light.

The wide viewing angles of 178 degrees give a wonderful viewing experience. The system can be managed remotely and in real-time via the embedded Linux OS.

Airport Terminals

Point passengers to the right check-in counter or display the latest real-time flight information.

Hotel Lobbies

Welcome your guests, promote hotel facilities or local events and direct the guests around the hotel.

Shopping Malls

Make sure customers don’t get lost and are able to find what they need through digital wayfinding solutions.


Image de-noising technology
Smart volume control technology
ADSDS panel
Super-wide viewing angle
High transmittance
UHS moving picture processing


Airport terminals
Office building entries
Elevator lobbies
Shopping malls
Office buildings

Digital Signage in Retail

Window Facing Dual-View Android Digital Signage Display

The High Bright 55” Double Sided Window Ceiling Mount Display consists of two 55” Full HD TFT displays mounted into an aluminium framework, back to back. The brightness of the inward facing side is 700nits while the outward facing side is 2500nits. The unit is designed for use in retail and QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) enabling one installation that communicates information to customers both internally and externally of the store environment simultaneously.

The unit is capable of both synchronous & asynchronous display support through the two Android SoC solutions that sits in the Media & Power box which is intended to be mounted above in the ceiling.

The solution offer Fanless Cooling thus minimising the instore noise levels as well as Luminance Compensation for long term operation.

The most aesthetically pleasing feature of this unit, apart from the inspiring picture quality is the Super Slim Design that has been achieved by only having a Depth of 30mm and Bezel thickness of 17mm. This will undoubtedly become a referenced solution for retail signage moving forward.

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