iGallery Digital Art Displays

Usher into a new age of digital art


True colors

Versatile use

BOE’s innovative iGallery digital art displays offer a new way to show and share art, next to traditional art. They provide a full range of solutions for many different environments and industries. Let your customers, visitors, guests or students appreciate art, exchange art and share art in real-time.

iGallery Inspiration


Brighten up class rooms or use the digital art displays for rotating educational material.

Restaurants & Cafes

Change the art in dining areas throughout the day and give local artists the opportunity to show their work.


Display art in hotel lobbies and guest rooms or promote tickets for local art museums.


What about flexible digital exhibitions in museums? Bring art to visitors anywhere in the world.


Automatic sensing
Intelligent energy saving
True color
Matching frames in different woods
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 px
Weight: 9.5 kg


Just like traditional art and paintings, iGallery displays can be used anywhere. They are very versatile and can have many different purposes. They brighten up both small rooms and large spaces and often have a secondary function. Promotion of local art galleries, museums and shows, art education or simply to bring people together. The iGallery offers endless possibilities.

Art galleries
Hotels and restaurants
Office buildings

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