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Thermal Body Temperature Detecting System

BOE Thermal Imaging Solutions use advanced AI algorithms to monitor the health of people entering hospitals, medical facilities, workplaces, shopping centres and offices on an ongoing basis. Positioning cameras at the entrance to these facilities will create a safe space for employees and customers and develop appropriate preventive procedures.

The solution consists of Dual Cameras, a visible light camera plus an Infrared camera housed in one body next to each other and smoothly integrated with software. It is Indispensable in spaces characterized by a very intense flow of people. Immediate group temperature measurement, with an accuracy of 0.3 degrees Celsius, is performed for up to 16 people at a time. Everything is done in real time, from a safe distance of 3-10 meters. The technologically advanced solution has lots of additional features & functions.

  • Support thermal imaging, temperature measurement, face intelligent recognition
  • Dual-view registration mechanism makes visible light and thermal imaging field of view the same
  • High accuracy temperature measurement, accuracy ≤0.3℃
  • Real-time temperature measurement, multi-target synchronized automatic measurement, response time within 30ms
  • Visible image display, convenient for temperature monitoring
  • Intelligent over-temperature sound and light alarm, rapid screening and tracking of abnormal body temperature
  • The most advanced work management and monitoring software; system designed to support many cameras including other CCTV cameras, NVRs
  • Available SDK to integrate the system with external systems (HR, input control, etc.)
  • Integration with the mobile application with access to the alarm list
  • Statistics (people counter, alarm counter)
  • Registering the list of incoming people
  • Registering and managing the alarm list (high temperature, no mask, non-list person)
  • Employee library management with history of temperature changes
  • The functionality of recognizing license plates, crossing the lines, exits / entries to / from the area
  • The camera has several interfaces to connect external sensors and alarms (light and sound)
  • POE power supply

There are currently two units on offer – the Professional Unit and the Standard Unit, feel free to contact our sales team for guidance on the features of each offering.