SID UK Celebrates 50 years of LCD at the Royal Academy of Engineering – Sponsored by BOE.

Many countries, scientists, engineers and scholars have been involved with the ongoing technological advances with LCD technology since its invention in 1968. Events all over the world have been celebrating this, with SID UK doing so on the 6th June.

Several scientists involved with the early development attended, including Cyril Hilsum, now aged 93.

Cyril is a British scientist who made significant contributions to the industry and opened with a speech entitled “The Start of The Revolution”.

Audiences from research institutes, universities and enterprises participated at the event to learn more about the history of LCD and discuss the future of such technology.

BOE is honoured to have been one of the sponsors of this event.

BOE was formed 25 years ago, just when LCD was commencing the second half of its 50 year history. Such an event allowed a great opportunity for a modern LCD global giant to pay tribute to the pioneers of LCD.


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