BOE BD Cell Display awarded Display of the Year by SID

The Society for Information Display (SID) today announced the winners of its 26th Annual Display Industry Awards.

The 2020 Display Industry Award (DIA) recipients reflect the ever-evolving display product landscape and represent a wide range of technological advancements in wearables, immersion, vehicles, augmented reality, personal productivity, and more. The honorees are receiving awards in conjunction with SID’s annual Display Week.

The 2020 Display Industry Award winners embody the profound level of innovation within the industry and exemplify how crucial displays have become to nearly every aspect of daily life.

“Taking advantage of the unique properties of OLED technology, two of this year’s winners, Samsung Foldables and Audi AG’s 7-inch OLED Virtual Mirror System, were able to bring electronic information displays into new applications,” said Wei Chen, chair of the DIA committee. “Additionally, with OLED’s rapid growth, the incumbent LCD technology continues to fight for footing by gaining new capabilities—as demonstrated by BOE’s ultra-high definition (UHD) BD Cell and Apple’s Pro Display XDR. Both have achieved high-dynamic-range (HDR) display performance in LCD, each with their own unique approach; and Toray’s SCO has the potential to enhance future LCD displays’ performance.

“In addition to the exciting new OLED and LCD products,” he added, “we continue to see advances in display components that bolster the user experience or make displays a better fit for special application environments.”

Among the industry’s highest honors, the Display Industry Awards highlight innovations that have advanced the state of the art in display technology, with awards presented in three categories: Display Application of the Year, Display of the Year, and Display Component of the Year. The seven winners, divided into three categories, were chosen by a distinguished panel of experts who evaluated the nominees based on degree of technical innovation and commercial significance, as well as potential for positive social impact.

Displays of the Year

This award is conferred upon display products with the most significant technological advances and/or outstanding features. BOE Technology is very proud that its 65-inch UHD BD Cell display was announced as one of the display of the year winners.

The 65-Inch UHD BD Cell Display from BOE Technology

As a breakthrough in thin-film transistor (TFT)-LCD technology, BOE’s dual-cell panel—referred to as “BD Cell” for short—offers several important technical advancements that conventional LCD screens don’t. The display uses pixel-level ultra-fine backlight control technology and a brand-new integrated circuit (IC) driving technology to make the million-level contrast ratio rate and 12 bits’ color depth come true, accurately displaying more natural and true-to-life colors. The contrast ratio of a conventional LCD screen is 3,000:1 with 0.2 nits as the lowest brightness. The BD Cell’s screen can raise the contrast ratio up to 150,000:1 and decreasing brightness to 0.003 nit. In terms of combining LED local dimming with BD Cell technology, the contrast ratio can be as high as 2,000,000:1. Moreover, while a conventional LCD screen’s color depth is 8 bit, BD Cell is capable of boosting the color depth as high as 12 bit with an enhanced IC driving algorithm. On the other hand, BD Cell incorporates advantages of an LCD screen’s stableness and technological maturity, with no image sticking.


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